Thursday, January 25, 2018

Accepting Scholarship Applications!

Since 1993, CSEA Monroe County Local 828 and its major Units have awarded over $119,000 in    scholarship prize money. In 1994, the Monroe County Employees Unit 7400, the largest Unit in the Local, created their own scholarship program and has distributed more than $25,000.

Mr. Growney was a long time labor leader and activist who was employed as a probation officer with Monroe County. He served as local president for nearly two decades before his retirement in 1995. George had a passion for kids to succeed, and would be proud that his union brothers and sisters have carried on his legacy of love and commitment to youth. George M. Growney died on August 10, 1997. The scholarship program was named in his honor the following year after his death.

The scholarship is open to graduating high school seniors whose parents and caregivers are members or agency shop fee payers of Monroe County Local 828. Scholarship applicants are judged on academic achievement, a written essay, financial need and potential.

“This is one of the best things we do as union activists,” said Bess Watts, President of Local 828. She added, “It’s very rewarding to know we are helping our young people succeed in life as well as giving back to our community.”

CSEA Local 828 Scholarships are open to graduating high school seniors whose parents and caregivers are members or agency shop fee payers of Monroe County Local 828. The scholarship committees have reviewed thousands of applications in the past 25 years, demonstrating a significant need of financial resources for young adults continuing their formal education. Scholarship applicants are judged on academic achievement, a written essay, financial need and potential.

Applications are available by contacting your workplace CSEA representative or by downloading the application and other materials here:

Eligibility and requirements checklist

High School Transcript Request

 For more scholarship information, you can go to our Voice Reporter Scholarship page or call Barbara at HQ 585-328-5250.   

Friday, December 15, 2017

Apprentice Organizer the Year Award

Congratulations to Carrie Chapman for receiving the Apprentice Organizer of the Year Award at the Rochester Labor Council Annual Delegates Dinner.  Carrie was recognized for the outstanding work she has done throughout the year in the Rochester Labor Community.  Carrie is the chair of CSEA Local 828's Next Wave Committee where she led the effort to collect 'Never Quit' cards and was instrumental in educating members about the Constitutional Convention.  Carrie is also a delegate for the Local.  We expect great things from Carrie and are thrilled that she received this award.  Congratulations, Carrie!

Friday, November 17, 2017

CSEA Local 828 Donates to the Veterans Outreach Center

The CSEA Local 828 Women’s Committee coordinated donations to the Veterans Outreach Center.  Public Service workers generously donated money and items for the Veterans which was delivered to the center on November 14th.    Monroe County, Water Authority and the Town of Webster were particularly generous in their gifts, as well as the CSEA retirees Knitting Club for knitting scarfs, hats and gloves for the Veterans.  A special thank you to the Women’s Committee, led by Committee Chair, Angela Muscianese for coordinating this effort.

 The Veterans Outreach Center provides comprehensive resources to current and former members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families through direct service, community collaboration and advocacy.  It is through the generosity of our community, including CSEA, that programs and services are offered free of charge.  

Pictured are employees of the Veterans Outreach Center with Angela, Bess and Kathy.

Monday, October 16, 2017

CSEA Local 828 Members featured in CSEA Videos

CSEA's Michael Irving makes his community a better place

WNY-- CSEA member and Monroe County Water Authority (NY) employee Michael Irving makes his community a better place. Video by CSEA ©2017.

CSEA's Carrie Chapman makes her community a better place
WNY-- CSEA member and Monroe Community College (NY) employee Carrie Chapman makes her community a better place. Video by CSEA ©2017.

Friday, September 15, 2017

NO Constitutional Convention

On November 7, 2017, New Yorker voters will be asked if the state should hold a convention to re-write the New York State Constitution.  Such a convention could cost taxpayers over 300 million and could allow devastating changes to our constitution. Who is driving this idea & why?

Those in favor site the need for ethics reform and limits on gerrymandering while those against question the wisdom of opening the constitution up to alteration by the same corrupt big money players that currently hold the public good hostage in Albany.  Well-financed pro-convention groups are trying to dominate the early discussion and mislead voters with false advertising claims that this will be a “people’s convention”.  

There is currently a process in place to change the NYS Constitution that has been used over 200 times since 1984. The state legislature creates referendum questions for the ballot during general elections and citizens decide.  A number of ballot questions were voted on in 2013 including the constitutional change needed to build the Del Lago Resort & Casino in Waterloo. When a process to change the constitution currently exists why risk giving entrenched politicians and big money influencers access to alter constitutional protections for workers, the environment, women, minorities and schools?

The Adirondacks Mountains are protected by a ‘forever wild’ clause in the constitution. Lobbyists say that those protections are ‘unlikely’ to be altered. Frankly, ‘unlikely’ is not good enough when we see federal parklands being sold off, mined and privatized.   The constitution also protects pensions, public education and the right for working people to organize and collectively bargain.  Women & LGBTQ people should be concerned about the introduction of “Religious Freedom” clauses and the use of tax funds for religious schools. Gun control, women’s reproductive rights and protective tax limits for the wealthiest would be on the table.  
A constitutional convention is ripe for abuse. It’s a financial boondoggle enabling system-savvy politicians to make up to an extra $80,000 annually on top of the salaries they already receive.  There is no timeline to complete delegate work or limitations on who they can pay to “assist” them. Taxpayers will get stuck with the tab.  The money spent on a Constitutional Convention would be better spent investing in our schools, our crumbling infrastructure and vital public services. 

Survey data has shown that when voters are presented with the facts regarding a constitutional convention, they overwhelmingly oppose it.  I hope you will too.  

Bess Watts
President, CSEA Local 828 Monroe County