Thursday, September 26, 2019

CSEA Supports UAW Strike against GM

 Our local has been supporting the UAW strikers by providing signs, food and showing up at the picket line.  We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters as they strike for all workers across  America.  #UnionStrong
Michael Irving, Vice President CSEA Local 828
President Bess Watts speaking to the crowd

Carrie Chapman walking the picket line
Hand painted signs provided by CSEA Local 828

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

CSEA Celebrates Pride in Rochester

 On Saturday, July 20, CSEA union activists marched with their labor brothers and sisters in solidarity at the Rochester Pride Parade on what is being called the hottest day of the summer so far.
Official Rochester, NY Pride organizers report more than 120 Units participated in the walk while thousands of marchers and parade onlookers took to the streets to spread the message of solidarity, love, inclusion, non-violence, peace and community pride.
After the parade, the community gathered at Cobbs Hill Park for the annual festival. CSEA, the Pride at Work constituency group and other labor unions sponsored a vendor table sharing resources and relevant information about current events happening in our working world.
Bess Watts, CSEA Monroe County Local President said, “Once again, Rochester Pride events are a great opportunity to share labor’s message. The exceptionally warm reception we received at our vendor table and as we walked down the avenue was a big thrill for everyone involved.”

 Photos by Ove Overmyer and Bess Watts

Friday, June 21, 2019

CSEA Endorses Adam Bello

On June 19 Monroe County Executive candidate Adam Bello announced endorsements from the Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA) and the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME).

“As we gather together in the shadow of the workers memorial statue, it’s is important for us to recall that labor is not a commodity but something to be protected and respected, that’s why I’m honored to receive the endorsement of CSEA and AFSCME,” said Bello. “Labor is the cornerstone of our community, and it is time to once again recognize that we can accomplish more together than we can apart.”

“By bringing new ideas, new energy, and new leadership to the County Executive’s office, we can restore a vision of creativity and collaboration to county government,” Bello continued. Our community deserves a government as good as its people. One that lifts people up and fosters an environment where every hardworking family can grow and thrive. Because no matter who you are, where you live, or who you know, you deserve the very best from those who serve you."

“What is so impressive about Adam Bello is his commitment to the guiding philosophy why government should work for everyone and not just the well connected," said CSEA Western Region President Kathy Button in a prepared statement delivered by Western Region VP Tim Finnigan. Button was attending to family matters and could not make the press event.

Finnigan added, “We wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Bello when he says eliminating governmental waste, fraud and abuse are his top priorities because we share the same values. On behalf of the thousands of CSEA represented employees living and working in Monroe County, we overwhelmingly came to the conclusion our community will be much better off if we elect Adam Bello as the next Monroe County Executive.”

Bess Watts, President of CSEA Monroe County said, “CSEA has enjoyed a terrific relationship with Adam Bello over the years, dating back to his days as Irondequoit Town Supervisor and now as Monroe County Clerk. Adam’s respectful demeanor and his ability to problem solve puts him in a class by himself. When we interviewed both Mr. Bello and Ms. Dinolfo for this job, there was a clear distinction between the candidates. Mr. Bello has an exceptional track record of improving public services, and he understands government should work for everyone. He has also proven he honors and respects the work of the people who deliver on that promise every day. Simply put, Ms. Dinolfo does not.”

AFSCME LRS Robert Leonard read a statement from AFSCME District Council 66 President Dan DiClemente. He said, “On behalf of the 3,000 public workers we represent across Rochester and Monroe County, AFSCME Council 66 is proud to endorse Adam Bello for County Executive. Throughout his public career, Adam has led the charge to clean up government so that workers can provide the vital public services we all rely on. He knows that public workers are the County’s greatest asset, and they do not deserve to be treated like a burden. It’s time for a change. Working families deserve leaders in County government who are accountable and responsible. Adam Bello is just the type of leader we need to build Monroe County for the future.”
Adam Bello with CSEA Local 828 President Bess Watts

Bello has received more than 22 endorsements so far in this election season, including nearly every major labor union representing employees who live and work in Monroe County.

Story & Photos Ove Overmyer, CSEA