CSEA Recognized as Number One in Organizing

CSEA received AFSCME's highest organizing award in recognition of CSEA's success at bringing into the union what is now more than 300,000 workers. 

Receiving the award, CSEA President Danny Donohue was joined on stage by 40 CSEA members who had volunteered to organize the new members. 

"CSEA organized the most workers of any AFSCME local union during the last two years," said AFSCME President Gerald McEntee as he gave the award at the union's convention in San Francisco. 

"It is not about winning an award," said President Donohue. "It's about building a strong union and making workers' jobs better and more secure." 

Donohue also thanked the many New York elected officials, community and religious leaders who supported the workers in their struggles to join CSEA. 

CSEA is more committed than ever to organizing new workers. The current system is broken. Labor Law has become increasingly unfriendly to workers and workers must fight harder than ever to get their union. But there is good news. 

With added support from the federal government, the big changes we need to help make it easier for anyone who wants to join CSEA are possible with the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA.) 

To contact the CSEA Organizing Department: 

(800) 342-4146 ext. 1400 
143 Washington Ave. 
Albany NY, 12210 

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