Tuesday, July 28, 2009

CSEA Local 828 looking toward the future

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Office space expansion required to meet member demand

With the advent of new Local officers and a reorganization of historical and administrative records, the executive board of Local 828 unanimously approved in a July meeting that it was necessary to add new space at it's current headquarter operations, located at 167 Flanders St.

Bess Watts, president of Local 828 says, "Our charter is almost 60 years old, and we have accumulated a lot of history. We are proud to say that most of it is now under one roof. We added more square footage to our existing lease to accomodate another office and more storage for the tons of supplies and records that date back to 1950. It was the prudent thing to do to best serve the members of this Local while also looking toward the future."

Administrative Assistant Barbara Fragassi says, "Our office is underutilized. I would like all Unit Presidents and committee chairs to know they are welcome to come in and take full advantage of our facilities and what we have to offer. Our offices here are equipped with a color copier, folding machine, fax machine and a conference room which can accommodate up to 15 people.”

Barb divides her time working for both the Monroe County Employee Unit 7400 and with the Local 828 to keep all our operations running smoothly. You can contact her by calling the union office at 328-5250 or by e-mail: csea828@rochester.rr.com .

When the dust settles, Bess will likely have walk-in office hours and would love to give every member who is interested a tour of our new space.

Directions to CSEA Local 828 Office:

We are located on the first floor of the Decker Building, at 167 Flanders St. in South West Rochester. Flanders St. is off of Thurston Rd. between Brooks Ave. and Arnett Blvd.

By the way, there is a very busy 7/Eleven with extemely hot coffee on the corner of Flanders St. and Thurston Rd. adjacent to our Local 828 office.

Friday, July 17, 2009


CSEA Monroe County Local 828 Political Action Committee will be conducting candidate interviews during the first two weeks of August 2009.

We will be focusing on the races for the Monroe County Legislature, where there are 15 seats open for the term beginning 2010. Right now, the Monroe County Legislature is comprised of a Republican majority of 15, with the Democrats holding 14 positions. Additionally, we will also be interviewing candidates for Monroe County Sheriff.

We are inviting any interested CSEA members to our candidate interviews, scheduled for August 3, 4, 5, 10 and 12 between 6 pm and 8 pm. CSEA members should call or email Ove at 585. 423.9862 or oveovermyer@yahoo.com.

Interviews will take place at the CSEA Local 828 office, located at 167 Flanders St. For candidates who have already been contacted, please call our office manager Barb between 9 am and 1 pm at 328-5250 to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Her email address is csea828@rochester.rr.com.

Prospective candidates should fax your information to Barb at 328-3319 prior to your interview. We look forward to hearing from our members and the candidates very soon.

Ove Overmyer
CSEA Local 828 VP, PAC Co-Chair

Courtney Brunelle, Region 6 PAC Coordinator
Bess Watts, Local 828 President
Cris Zaffuto, Unit 7400 President and PAC Co-Chair

Saturday, July 11, 2009


The CSEA 2009 ADM logo comes from
a 1910 postcard of Lafayette Square in Buffalo.

A message from our CSEA statewide president, Danny Donahue:

Hearing Every Voice means more than just hearing what our members say. It also means listening. It also means implementing. The upcoming 99th Annual Delegates Meeting will be unique in two ways:

First, because we will be holding an interactive "Town Meeting" all day Tuesday. We will be using the most up-to-date technology available to hear your voice as we plan our future.

Secondly, because it will be launching us into our 100th anniversary celebration in 2010.

Our history is filled with incredible events that have vastly improved the lives of working people. We are all part of that history. Be proud of who we were - and who we are - yesterday, today and tomorrow. Most of all, come prepared to make history.

Please contact Local 828 president Bess Watts at besswhat@gmail.com for any information about this year's ADM.

Click here for additional information on the CSEA website.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009



Bess Watts, the newly elected CSEA Local 828 president, has announced the first meeting of the executive board, delegates, unit presidents and committee members. The meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 27 at 5:30 pm at Camp Eastman Eastridge Kiwannis House, 1570 Lakeshore Blvd., Irondequoit, N.Y.

Please join us for the official swearing in of all Local and Unit officers by WNY Region 6 president, Flo Tripi, as well as our regularly scheduled business meeting. As in the past, catering will be provided by Joey Argento and "Parties by Paesan."

If you are interested in serving on a Local or Region committee, please contact Bess by email besswhat@gmail.com or by phone 292.2318 or 328.5250.

Please RSVP to Barbara at HQ 328.5250 no later than Monday, July 20th if you plan on attending the meeting.

Additional Information:

Directions to Camp Eastman From the West of Rochester, NY: Rte. 104 East to St. Paul Blvd; proceed North 4.5 miles to Lakeshore Blvd; turn right; 1.0 mile to Camp Eastman.
From the East of Rochester, NY: Rte. 104 West to Culver Road; turn right and head North 2.4 miles to Lakeshore Blvd; turn left and proceed West 2.0 miles to Camp Eastman.
From the Southeast of Rochester, NY: Rte. 590 North to Durand Blvd; turn left and proceed West to Lakeshore Blvd; 2.0 miles to Camp Eastman.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Members Take Office on July 1

The Voice for the Members blogspot has a new name! To provide our members with all the tools necessary to stay informed, this blog will continue publishing under the name CSEA Local 828 Voice Reporter. We hope that this site, along with a soon to be published interactive website, will provide easy access to information and data important to all our members.

As of today, July 1, the Voice for the Members slate team will begin their four year term-- leading one of the largest CSEA Locals in New York State. CSEA Local 828 has nearly 3,000 members in good standing, who work in professional and paraprofessional public sector jobs all across Monroe County.

Bess Watts, the newly elected President of Local 828, says she is humbled by the support she has received, but adds "Our success is predicated on a team effort. Our leadership abilities and enduring dedication to our members cause is second to no one. We hold the values of honesty, inclusiveness, full participation, diversity, accountability, and finally, fiscal responsibility as our governing principles. I want to thank all members for giving us the opportunity to represent you for the next four years."

The new 2009 - 2013 officers elected are:

President: Bess Watts, Monroe Community College 7402
VP #1: Cris Zaffuto, Monroe County 7400
VP #2: Ove Overmyer, City of Rochester Library Workers 7420
VP #3: T. Judith Johnson, Public Defender's Office
Secretary: Sue Newman, Monroe County Clerk's Office, DMV 7400
Treasurer: Pat Wolff, MCC Damon Campus 7402

Paul Cummings, MC Office of Probation
Ernie Heinsbergen, Town of Brighton
Caril Powell-Price, MC Office of Probation
Greg Schroth, MC Sherriff's Command
David Burton, Town of Irondequoit

Alternate Delegates:
Susan Dufresne, MC Health Department
Ronald Scudder, Town of Irondequoit