Saturday, August 29, 2009


Rochester, N.Y.--Below you will find the endorsement recommendation list for the Monroe County Legislature and Monroe County Sheriff candidates for the 2009 election cycle. Candidates were interviewed by CSEA Region 6 PAC East members from different Locals that reside in Monroe County during the first two weeks of August 2009.

On Ausust 22, Region 6 PAC East and West committee members met in Batavia, N.Y. to approve these recomendations. Formal notification letters were mailed to all interviewed candidates on Friday, August 28. The endorsed candidates are as follows:

District- Name- Party

2nd LD: Sheldon Meyers, D-WFP
4th LD: Frank Muscato, D-WFP
7th LD: Rick Antelli, R-I-C
14th LD: Travis Heider, D-I-WFP
13th LD: Mike Condello, D-WFP
18th LD: Nora Bredes, D-WFP
19th LD: Jo Meleca-Voigt, D-WFP
21st LD: Carrie Andrews, D-I-WFP
23rd LD: Paul Haney, D-WFP
24th LD: Harry Bronson, D-WFP
28th LD: Cindy Kaleh, D-I-WFP
29th LD: Saul Maneiro, D

M.C. Sheriff: Patrick O’Flynn, R-I-C

It should be noted there are other races for Monroe County Legislature this year that we made no endorsement. Also, there were several candidates that did not seek our endorsement.

Cris Zaffuto and Ove Overmyer, Local 828 PAC Co-Chairs, want to express their sincere gratitude to all CSEA members who gave their time and energy during this process. Please stay tuned to more news and information about this year's election cycle, mobiliziing efforts, and which candidates our committee think deserve our targeted support.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Local Officers Visit Irondequoit Blue Collar Unit

New Unit Officers of Irondequoit 7414
photo by: Bess Watts

Local 828 Officers Cris Zaffuto and Bess Watts visited the Irondequoit Blue Collar Unit 7414 general membership meeting that was held on August 27th at Camp Eastman. Zaffuto and Watts got a chance to meet and greet with the new officers and members.

Pictured above are Jim Hughes President, Sue Collins, Secretary and Treasurer Mark Neumann.

Watts said, "It's always refreshing to run into personable and straight talking union guys. We're looking forward to the next general meeting and working with the new officers during their transition period."

Friday, August 21, 2009



Most people would agree the Rochester Labor Council’s most visible event is the annual Labor Day Parade. Revived by the Council in 1986 after 64 years in the making, the 2009 parade theme is "SUPPORT EMPLOYEE FREE CHOICE."

In 2008, more than forty unions participated in the march, totalling more than 3,000 members and their families. A dozen bands, over a hundred vehicles and several community groups accompanied the marchers. Organizers say that the parade grows exponentially every year.

Affiliates of the Council, including CSEA members, are encouraged to participate in the planning process by sending representatives to planning meetings. 2009 parade planning meeting dates are listed here.

The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) (H.R. 1409, S. 560) is a legislative bill that would amend the National Labor Relations Act to establish an efficient system to enable employees to form, join, or assist labor organizations, to provide for mandatory injunctions for unfair labor practices during organizing efforts, and for other purposes. The latest version was introduced into both chambers of the U.S. Congress on March 10, 2009.

Bess Watts, president of CSEA Local 828, encourages all Monroe County Local members to march in the parade. The Local will also be a proud host of a labor day family picnic at Seabreeze Amusement Park right after the parade.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


MCC Unit 7402 Membership Meeting
at Carmen Clark Lodge in Brighton Town Park
photo by: Ove Overmyer

Rochester, N.Y.-- CSEA Unit members of Monroe Community College and the Town of Penfield Highway Department held general membership meetings on August 18. MCC Unit 7402 had a visit from MCC President Anne Kress, who stopped by to say hello and to tell the members how much the CSEA workforce means to the overall success to the student experience at the community college. The meeting was the first for the new executive board. Organizers estimated that over 80 people turned out for the meeting on a hot and humid summer evening.

Tom Pollizi, Unit President for MCC, presided over a business meeting after a great BBQ dinner. Topics of the meeting included recognizing new CSEA members and the outgoing MCC retirees as well as formulating a better system of communication for the upcoming contract negotiations which begin in January of 2010.

Bess Watts, Local 828 President, visited and talked with members and assured them that the Local executive officers will always be accessible to them when the need arises. She encourged MCC workers to participate in the annual Labor Day Parade on September 7. Local 828 VP Ove Overmyer reminded workers of the Rochester Labor Council's Labor Film Series and provided free tickets. The series begins at the Dryden Theatre at the George Eastman House on Friday, September 4.

Cris Zaffuto, Local 828 VP and President of the largest Monroe County Employees Unit, visited the Town of Penfield workers at their general membership meeting the same evening. Zaffuto called the meeting with the highway department "great!" She added, "The employees are hard working dedicated members who keep the highways safe and maintained. However, they are not always given the credit that they should be given. It was a good meeting of exchanging issues and perhaps helping to solve some of them."

Local 828 Unit Presidents are encourged to contact Bess or Cris at the Local 828 office if you are planning a membership meeting in the near future. We think it is important that Units know that the Local will do everything to provide the best possible support services we can offer. Please call Barb at 585.328.5250 if you have any questions or concerns.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


CSEA Local 828 will rally outside
the Monroe County Office Building on August 11

Attention CSEA Monroe County Local 828 Members:

Join us Tuesday, Aug. 11, at 5 p.m. as we “Blow the Whistle” on Monroe County’s unfair labor practices.

The Taylor Law protects workers’ rights, so why are the Brooks administration and senior Monroe County officials playing politics with our members lives? They are undermining union authority, ignoring good public policy by instituting a feeble "Whistleblower Hotline" and manipulating and threatening our members livelihoods.
The Taylor Law grants public employees the right to organize and elect their union representatives. It defines the boundaries for public employers in negotiating and entering into agreements with these public unions. The facts are clear-- the County has acted in bad faith and continues to maliciously denigrate public employees represented by CSEA.

Please join us in front of the County Office Building, 39 West Main St., in downtown Rochester. Rally with us until 6 p.m., when union leaders will address the Monroe County Legislature in chambers. Come hear testimonies of your fellow workers. We demand the rights protected by law and will do everything necessary to protect our workers and their families.

Whistles and signs will be provided. For more information, call 328-5250 or email .