CSEA Local 828 By-Laws

CSEA Monroe County Local 828 By-Laws

Article I. Officers

Section 1

Officers of Local 828 shall be President, first vice president, second vice president, third vice president, Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 2

Members of the Executive Board will consist of the elected officers of Local 828.

Article II. Duties of Officers

Section 1

Each Executive Board officer will act as a liaison to a standing committee as appointed by the President with approval of Executive Board.

Article III. Local Executive Board

Section 1

In the event a Unit President is unable to attend (s) he may authorize in writing an elected officer from his/her Unit to attend.

Section 2

A Quorum shall consist of one-third of the voting membership of the Local Executive Board.

Article IV. Delegates

Section 1

Local officers of Local 828 shall be elected as Officer/Delegate. In addition, the local shall elect five Delegates-at-Large and two Alternate/Delegate-at-Large.

Article V. Duties of Delegates

Section 1

All delegates to the Annual Association Conferences and Statewide Local Government Conferences shall be required to attend and expected to sit together at business meetings.

Section 2

Each delegate in attendance at the time of a roll call vote shall be entitled to an equal proportion of voting strength of the local at the time of certification with the Statewide Secretary.

Article VI. Order of Business

Section 1

The order of business (agenda) at all meetings shall be as follows:

Report of the President

Roll Call

Report of the Secretary of the Minutes

Report of the Treasurer

Report of the Statewide Board Representative

Report of the Committees

Report of LRS

Unit Reports

Old Business

New Business


Article VII. General Membership Meetings and Quorum

Section 1

The presiding officer shall deem a quorum exists, regardless of the percentage of membership in attendance, at all general membership meetings of the Local.

Section 2

Only current members in good standing on the date of the general membership meeting may be allowed to attend the meeting, to address the membership body, make motions, second motions or vote on motions.

Section 3

All duly made and seconded motions shall be considered passed by a simple majority vote of those members in attendance. Said motion(s) shall not be inconsistent with the Local Constitution or By-Laws. There shall not be any proxy or absentee voting motions.

Article VIII. Establishment of Units

Section 1

Units are subject to the direction of the Local and it’s Executive Board. By-Laws of the Unit may in no way conflict with or undermine the laws of the parent Local.

Section II

A Unit is empowered to elect its own officers and adopt its own programs and committees that are consistent with the mandated Unit Constitution and policies of the parent Local.

Article IV. Finances

Section 1

Rebates will be distributed semi-annually in accordance with the distribution of dues money from C.S.E.A. Inc. to the Local.

Section 2

The Local Treasurer will distribute to each Unit their rebate check with ten (10) days of receipt of the rebate check date from Albany, provided the Unit is good standing and has filed its Annual Reports and has satisfied all the requirements in the Financial Codes and Standards manual.

Section 3

Each Unit will responsible for its own expenses.

Section 4

Local 828 will reimburse Monroe County Employees Unit 7400, 25 percent for all the office cost and secretarial expense based on calculated use. This reimbursement is to be made on a quarterly basis upon submission of an itemized receipt listing individual expenses. No reimbursements will be approved for expenses beyond normal operating procedures without prior approval of the Local 828 Executive Board.

Section 5

Each new Unit established by C.S.E.A. Inc. will be granted a start up treasury offered by Local 828 consisting of $200.00.

Revised 05-16-11