Sunday, April 22, 2012


When the Governor and the majority of our State Legislature, under the cover of darkness, sold working people out and undermined retirement security by passing a new pension tier, Tier 6, they also passed a boondoggle of a taxpayer giveaway to themselves and political appointees. 

They voted for a retirement perk worth thousands of dollars for themselves and their political appointees at your expense. Under Tier 6, taxpayers are on the hook for paying for an 8 percent of salary retirement perk for politicians and their appointees every year! These politically favored few will be allowed to skip out overnight, taking thousands of taxpayer dollars after just one year of service. 

We need to repeal that boondoggle and hold them accountable. 

Click the link below to visit our new e-mail campaign, input your zip code, and send them a message to repeal this giveaway to the politically connected and restore fairness to the State Pension Fund! 

Click here to Stop the Giveaway.

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