Friday, November 2, 2012

Sean Hanna: Too Extreme For Monroe County

Rochester, N.Y.-- Sean Hanna and his Tea Party backers have executed one of the most deceitful, hateful, mean-spirited and vicious campaigns in modern history. At some point, the average voter sees right through this slime and will elect a candidate on the issues that are important to them. 

Truth be told, Sean Hanna doesn't belong in public office-- his extreme views on social issues and being one of the most notable Assemblyman who denies "Science" when it comes to climate change is ridiculously naive. That should be a dis-qualifier all in itself. Ted O'Brien is the right guy at the right time. Voters of this district will be well served by a terrific legislator named Ted O'Brien. This is a man who knows the definition of "civic self-sacrifice."

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