Thursday, October 17, 2013

CSEA Activists Head to Lake Placid for 103rd Annual Delegates Meeting Oct. 20-25

CSEA heads to Lake Placid, N.Y. for ADM 2013 the week of Oct. 20-25.
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Lake Placid, N.Y. – Thousands of CSEA officers, activists and staff will converge on the tiny Adirondack resort village to attend to the business of New York State's largest public employee labor union. This year's theme is, "Leading Together Facing the Future."

A message from CSEA President Danny Donohue:

“The future is under assault for working people and their unions. Years of propaganda from right wing politicians and the corporate elite has given unions a bad name and painted unionized workers as selfish and greedy. Contract negotiations have become an excuse for management to demand givebacks while holding the threat of layoffs over our heads.

Although the public relies on the work we do and the services we provide, it’s getting more and more difficult to win the support of people who are also struggling. Our health and pension benefits have become a point of envy that has been used to pit other workers against us. Today, some working people, who would benefit from having a union of their own, have been convinced that unions are the enemy.

Meanwhile, courts and politicians are making it harder for unions to represent their workers and making it easier for corporations to outspend us in our fight to protect and preserve the middle class.

The theme of this year’s ADM is Leading Together Facing Our Future because we need to use all of our resources — everything and everyone — to ensure a future where unions like ours remain a strong voice for working people.”

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