Friday, December 6, 2013


CALL TO ACTION: We are asking all union families to attend MC Legislature Meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 10 at 5:30 pm MCOB, 39 W. Main St, Rochester, NY

Not honoring longstanding municipal agreements between Monroe County and the City of Rochester is Maggie Brooks' so-called solution to keeping a balanced budget. We are one community. Disproportionately taking it out on city folks (who happen to be County residents too) when all else fails-- move money away from public safety programs and social services that help the poor families while at the same time, enrich the lives of others who are basically insulated from any financial harm is a misguided solution. Is this the role of government? Is this the kind of County government you want for your community?

No other heartless politician is as spiteful and revengeful when it comes to making callous budget priorities and using these "choices" as weapons when things don't necessarily go her way. She needs to go. We've had enough.

Please stand up and speak your mind at the full session meeting, Tuesday, Dec. 10. Call 753.1550 to reserve a slot to speak at the public forum.

Say no to a job killing budget that eliminates middle-class jobs, attacks benefits of the elderly and County retirees, gives huge salary raises to her GOP friends, bashes poor people and leaves no one to care for them. Padding in-house GOP salaries is just one more way to keep our tax dollars supporting her "political" campaigns that attack working families. Support a budget agreement that tempers spending while at the same time leaves no one out in the cold and supports middle class values-- especially when it comes to the most vulnerable in our community. Rise Up Rochester and Monroe County!

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