Sunday, January 19, 2014

Whatever Happened to "We The People?"

New York State-- Imagine trying to pay your bills on minimum wage, a part time salary (like many union families are doing today) or relying on unemployment insurance or Social Security Disability Insurance to make ends meet-- now imagine cutting that figure in half. That's what the Senate GOP and the NYS Executive Branch is up to-- all the while orchestrating tax breaks for rich folks and corporations who are insulated from any financial harm. It's just plain creepy and immoral on so many levels.

NY Gov. Cuomo is proposing huge tax breaks for wealthy corporations-- as if existing companies today rightfully pay what they should. They don't. The FPI states that the top 10 largest corporations doing business in NYS do not pay any taxes at all. How is that fair? Shame on them and shame on working people for letting this type of political theatre play out in the Empire State. A recent news report just revealed that less than one percent of Gov. Cuomo's political donations came in the form of a small donation (less than 1K)-- meaning the only folks backing his agenda are greedy rich people and corporations trying to make more money or keep the status quo.

We all need to be telling a new and meaningful story about preserving public services and paying taxes that celebrates the concrete opportunity it offers “we the people.” The problem is, without the public systems and structures that taxes pay for, the New York we know and love would cease to exist. Working people need to stand together this legislative session and tell our elected officials to get with the program.

And let us be clear— according to the most reliable and highly regarded economists, there is no correlation between giving tax breaks to wealthy corporations and job growth or improving our economy. Do you hear us Governor Cuomo? Make the rich pay their fair share by ending unfair tax breaks. 

If we are going to survive as a country and prosper as a state, we need to invest in our public systems and the people who provide these essential necessary services. A functioning democracy should be designed to have a progressive tax structure that is in proportion to the means and ability to pay for the essential vital services we demand and cannot do by ourselves as individuals.

Please join us in our fight to protect our middle class quality of life-- our communities survival is depending on whether we succeed or not. The proverbial ball is in your court. What are you going to do about it?

CSEA/AFSCME Lobby Day is March 4, 2014. Please call the CSEA WNY Region Office 716.691.6555 for more details.

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