Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Town of Brighton CSEA workers will convene at town hall meeting on December 10

Brighton, NY -- On Wednesday, December 10, CSEA represented workers for the Town of Brighton will be attending their town board meeting to educate the community on some recent developments concerning public services and questionable representation by town officials. At 7:00 pm, we invite the community to attend the town hall meeting at Brighton Town Hall, 2300 Elmwood Avenue to hear the personal testimonies of workers from the Department of Public Works. 

Despite the fact the Town of Brighton is holding some of its workers to a different standard, employees continue to come to work each day to provide high quality, professional and essential services to the residents of the Town of Brighton.

We understand the town is going through a tough financial period. However, we find no justification of how the town lawyers are negotiating a new contract with CSEA represented employees. The collective bargaining agreement for the CSEA represented employees for the Town of Brighton expired December 31, 2013. 

The negotiations are in a stand still—both parties are waiting for the results of a fact-finding procedure. In the meantime, workers feel it necessary to let the public know how uncivil and unwilling the town lawyers are to a remedy of the new contract language.

The main sticking point of negotiating a new contract is the healthcare benefit. When the Town of Brighton opted out of the MVP health care consortium, health care cost for town employees rose significantly and the lawyer who is negotiating the deal is unwilling to compromise on the issue. The workers who are represented by CSEA have been very fair and reasonable throughout negotiations. The workers have made several cost saving proposals that haven’t even been considered by the town or its lawyers.

CSEA is looking for a fair contract that recognizes the value and importance of the work we do for Brighton residents, while keeping in mind the needs of the town. We hope the town will be receptive to our proposals and work out an agreement that is fair to both parties in the coming days.

For media inquiries, please contact Lynn Miller at 716-691-6555 ex.5212

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