Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Constitutional Convention is Not a Solution

On Nov. 7, 2017, New York state voters will decide whether to hold a state Constitutional Convention. The New York State Constitution mandates that every 20 years, voters must decide whether to approve a convention.

A state Constitutional Convention is a meeting of three delegates from each of the state’s 63 Senate districts, plus 15 at-large delegates. During this meeting, delegates would have the ability to amend any part of the state’s constitution. Any changes agreed to by a majority of delegates will then go to the voters for approval. Any approved changes will then become part of the state constitution.
In 1997, voters rejected a convention largely based on strong opposition from CSEA and our allies. In recent years, some elected officials, voters and interest groups have expressed support for holding a constitutional convention because of frustration with recent political scandal and misguided state policies.

We are again strongly opposed to a convention, which could potentially open the door for losing many of the rights and protections that help secure our futures, including our pension benefits, collective bargaining rights, contract rights, civil rights and social welfare and much more.

A convention would also be expensive; it would likely be controlled by special interests that want to reduce your protections and could cost taxpayers millions.   Protect our future and vote 'NO' on November 7th.

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