Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Region 6 President Flo Tripi

There will always be only one Flo Tripi. On July 18th CSEA lost a legend, a real leader and we are all at a loss. Where do we go from here? Well Flo mentored us all so we know the answer: From here we move forward and fight like hell for our Union…for our workers…that is what we can do to honor Flo’s legacy.

Flo was fierce, strong and nobody was taller than her! This mighty woman moved mountains because she believed in her Union and the importance of keeping CSEA strong and vital. CSEA people were family to Flo.

We will miss you Flo – but you will live on in all the leaders and members you’ve mentored and inspired over the years.  Our CSEA family will never be the same, but you will be with us always.  CSEA Local 828 Monroe County is proud to have been the home of the legendary labor leader Flo Tripi - may you rest in peace and power.

More about Flo:

Western Region President Florence “Flo” Tripi had been an active member of CSEA for more than 30 years. Through the years, she has served CSEA in many capacities, including president of the Monroe County Unit representing 3,000 members and first vice president of Monroe County Local 828. Tripi has served on CSEA’s Statewide Board of Directors and she served for 15 years as the Western Region’s vice president, under the leadership of the late Robert L. Lattimer, former Western Region president.
As a region president, Tripi also served as a statewide CSEA vice president. She was vice president of the Western New York Area Labor Federation, the Buffalo Labor Council and the Rochester Vicinity Labor Council, where many battles have been won for those in the labor community.
Tripi was the region’s top CSEA activist, taking on politicians and the toughest governmental and agency administrations across the region and state. She could often be seen at local and unit contract rallies throughout the region, where she always stood up and spoke out for CSEA members. Her energy was contagious, motivating member activists as they fought for fair and just treatment.
Tripi believed CSEA needed to build on the past to strengthen its future. The unity of the members, officers and staff are the winning combination that will move CSEA ahead into the 21st Century. Tripi believed communicating with membership was one of her most important duties. She regularly wrote reports to the CSEA Board of Directors and the region’s leadership and membership. She hosted regional meetings designed to provide local and unit delegates with important information for their grassroots membership. She was responsive and available to every member, as indicated by her constant travel throughout the region’s 14 counties.
Tripi was very supportive of CSEA’s professional staff. She was a leader in bringing staff and membership together for team-building situations, and in building cohesiveness for the everyday battles facing the union. Some of Tripi’s annual events included the Region Golf Tournament to benefit the Sunshine Fund, the Region Sunshine Fund Walkathon, and the region picnic.
Tripi was an active member of the Rochester community, and was a regular attendee of Holy Name of Jesus Church in Rochester, and an avid Yankees fan.

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