Saturday, September 22, 2012


Albany, N.Y. -- Citizen Action of New York, a grassroots membership organization that fights for key issues like fair education funding, quality and affordable health care for all, Fair Elections campaign finance reform, racial justice, and a more progressive tax system, announced their endorsement of Louise Slaughter for re-election to represent New York's 25th Congressional District, and Ted O'Brien for his bid to represent New York's 55th State Senate District.

"We're proud to offer our endorsement to Louise Slaughter and Ted O'Brien to represent the Rochester area in Congress and the State Senate," said Ivette Alfonso, President of Citizen Action of New York. "Our 20,000 members across New York are proud to stand with Louise and Ted as we continue our fight for social, racial, and economic justice."

"I've stood with Citizen Action of New York on campaigns to save Social Security and end the war in Iraq, and I'm so glad they're standing with me in this campaign," said Congresswoman Louise Slaughter. "Their record of winning courageous and hard-fought battles to protect the middle class is truly remarkable, and I'm looking forward to fighting many of more of these battles alongside Citizen Action next year in Congress."

"I am committed to raising the minimum wage, closing tax breaks for companies that outsource jobs from New York, and making sure our government works for the people instead of Albany insiders," said Ted O'Brien. "I am excited to work with Citizen Action in standing up to special interests and fighting for the average New Yorker. Together, we can curb the influence of corporate money in politics, protect the middle class, and create a more ethical, responsive government." 

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