Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Rochester, N.Y.-- A few thoughts came to mind as I watched Maggie's "Choice" video ad for the first time. Despite what she wants you to believe, Maggie Brooks has already demonstrated that she won't stand with seniors to protect Medicare. She won't stand with women to protect choice. She won't stand with middle-class families against her own Party's draconian budget cuts. And, to think she is claiming to be the one who is going to go to Washington to "turn it around" is absolutely laugh out loud funny. So when she speaks of making a choice in the video ad-- you can bet your sweet bippy that their is only one choice-- and that only choice is voting for Louise Slaughter for Congress.

God forbid if she did win-- Brooks would only add to the dysfunction in the House-- the GOP House of obstruction I might add has not produced one single jobs bill in two years and has tried to roll back reproductive rights to the 19th century. This is her Party of "choice." If Washington is failing us, let's point the bony finger at the real culprits-- 87 Tea Party House freshman who swore to never to compromise.

Furthermore, perhaps you have forgot the fact that the GOP runs the House of Representatives-- and they have a single digit approval rating for good reason. We know Maggie thinks highly of herself, but she has got to be kidding to think that she will make a difference for us in Congress. Far from it. The NY25 congressional district is just one of 435 seats! And to think her campaign's effort to link Louise to the problems of Washington are just ludicrous-- Slaughter is the true power broker here and takes on the fights no one else will. She gets the job done every time.

And, we do know this. Maggie Brooks has one of the worst records for failed policy in the history of Monroe County government. When it's all said and done, history will not be kind to Maggie Brooks. She is standing with billionaire oil moguls who are propping up the radical Tea Party movement and funding efforts to gut social safety net programs to fund tax cuts for the rich. She is quietly taking ad money from the likes of Karl Rove and Ann Coulter-- are you kidding me? Aligning herself with these  folks is extreme as it gets in Washington.

So, even If she did get elected, think about this for a moment. Brooks would just become a pawn in the GOP chess game. If the GOP keeps the House, she will have marching orders from Speaker Boehner and the likes of the Koch Brothers, and will not have the ability to truly represent the honest interests of the moderate NY 25 Congressional District.

I was asked by local media reporters to comment about Speaker Boehner's visit to Rochester when he stopped by at a Maggie fundraiser earlier this summer. No media outlets had the courage to air or print my response. They basically gave me a blank stare when I dropped this observation on them. It went something like this:

John Boehner came to Rochester for two things. One, to tell Maggie Brooks if she gets elected, he owns her vote. Two, her number two job as a Congress person would be to "raise as much money as you can" for the GOP House. That's it. Boehner’s visit was never about raising money for her campaign or speaking directly to the folks who live in Monroe County-- it was about putting Maggie in her place and making sure she knew that he "owns her vote."

It is inconceivable to think that Maggie Brooks could go to Washington and represent the interests of middle class working people here in Monroe County-- far from it. She has taken campaign contributions from the most extreme radical elements of the conservative right wing political machine. So far, she has been incredibly vague about her policy positions too—explaining to anyone who will listen, “you know my record.” In fact, yes-- we do know you record, Maggie. It’s one that has afforded opportunities to your friends and family and those insulated from any financial harm while at the same time, has lowered the standard of living for everyone else here in Monroe County.

Truth be told, Maggie's hands are already bound-- she is totally in debt to these billionaire radical outliers and she has no other options but answer only to them-- she will never be able to vote on any bill that favors the greater good or general welfare of our citizenry. If you think otherwise, you are just living in a fantasy world.

-Ove Overmyer

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