Saturday, January 19, 2013

GOP: We Ain't Missin' You

Washington, D.C. -- While the GOP struggles to find its footing after taking a real beating at the polls in 2012, most Americans are now taking a big sigh of relief from being held hostage by right-wing outlier lawmakers for the past two years.

And, for a couple months now, right minded folks are now relishing the fact that we do not have to put up with the GOP electoral nonsense that we were subjected to last year. It's true that not much has changed, and the GOP continues to be the dysfunctional party of NO.

However, many of the extreme radical right-wing elements of the Party lost their bids for elected office and as a consequence, we are a better nation for it. Moreover, a better question remains-- where are the moderate leaders of the GOP? Why are they sitting on their hands letting the ultra-conservative Tea Party folks destroy their Party?

And, even though more Americans voted for Democrats than Republicans and that the Democrats increased the number of seats in each chamber in 2012, because of the hyper-partisan gerrymandering by the GOP in 2010 redistricting process the House Majority will remain in GOP hands. With the House GOP majority largely responsible for the lowest approval rating of Congress in history, things will still be contentious on Capitol Hill for the foreseeable future.

Right now as you are reading this, Republican state legislatures across the nation that hold a majority are now quickly putting forth legislation to change the way we tally Electoral College votes. This has become just one more example illustrating the fact that the GOP will do absolutely anything to win the White House-- even if that means using voter suppression tactics and rigging the rules of the game.

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