Monday, June 24, 2013


CSEA President Danny Donohue (center) stands with members at the 2013 CSEA Women's Conference held April 5-7 at The Westchester Hilton Hotel, Ryebrook, N.Y. Photo: Ove Overmyer

CSEA Women's Agenda -- A legislative agenda created by working women for working women

New York State-- CSEA has a long proud history of championing the concerns and causes of women and working families.  From spearheading efforts to fight for worker’s rights and safety and health protections on the job to working tirelessly to end domestic violence, CSEA’s commitment to women is second to none.
That is why I am pleased to present you the CSEA Women’s Legislative Agenda.  This comprehensive agenda is another example of CSEA’s leadership on behalf of all women and families, not just our membership.   I am proud of the fact that it was put together by union members – “by working women and for working women. “  It is the result of countless meetings and conferences across the state, including the Statewide Women’s Conference this past April.
Our women’s agenda addresses job security, child and elder care issues, discrimination, pension and retirement security, education, minimum wage, and stress management priorities.  All of these issues were brought forward by working women – not bureaucrats in Albany or headline grabbing politicians.
I hope you will share this agenda with your peers and get others politically active to improve our lives, our families’ lives and our future.
In solidarity,
Danny Donohue
Click here to read CSEA’s Women’s Agenda — A legislative agenda by working women fpr working women.

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