Friday, June 14, 2013


Week Ending June 14, 2013

Agreement Reached to Restore Cuts to Providers for the Developmentally Disabled

According to sources, Governor Cuomo and the legislature have agreed to restore cuts to nonprofit organizations that provide services to people with developmental disabilities. The 2013-14 State Budget included a $90 million cut to the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities, but the Governor and legislators have agreed to restore some of the cuts if the state can’t generate enough administrative and other non-care savings.

Legislative Update

Governor Cuomo released a proposal detailing his “Tax-Free NY” program, which CSEA strongly opposes. The Governor’s program would provide tax breaks to new businesses located on and around college campuses and would allow the employees of those businesses to pay no state income taxes for five years, while income up to $200,000 would remain tax-free for an additional five years. The initial plan was focused on upstate, but the Governor’s bill would provide for tax-free zones downstate and in New York City as well.

Additionally, the Governor’s Program Bill detailing his plan for the public financing of political campaigns was released. CSEA remains opposed to spending taxpayer money on partisan political campaigns while real New Yorkers are struggling.

The Veterans' Employment Act was passed in the Senate this week, and is expected to be passed by the Assembly next week. This bill will ensure that our returning heroes have access to gainful employment upon return from active duty by allowing them to fill temporary state jobs prior to the state going to a third party.

Safe Patient Handling Report Released

This week, the Fiscal Policy Institute released a report that confirms that safe patient handling policies at hospitals and nursing homes would not only help protect health care workers and patients from injuries, but would also save health care facilities about $183 million per year. CSEA has been fighting for the Safe Patient Handling Act to allow zero lift policies to be established at health care facilities statewide. 

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