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On Nov. 21, 2013, Local 828 Next Wave Chair April Buckley (left) delivers holiday goods to the Blue Star Canteen.
(photo provided)
Canandaigua, N.Y.-- On Thursday, November 21, Monroe County Local 828 Next Wave Chair April Buckley dropped off a holiday donation supply of food, money, toiletries and personal items that will be delivered to overseas troops for the upcoming holiday season via the Blue Star Mothers of America, NY, Chapter #1, Canandaigua, N.Y.  CSEA donated more than 100 lbs. of goodies this year. From their own pockets, CSEA Local 828 members also made a substantial financial contribution to the organization this year.

Blue Star Mothers are Moms of military personnel. They are a non-political, non-profit and non-sectarian organization. Their Chapter was started by five Moms back in 2004. They join over two hundred other chapters around the nation to carry out the mission statement of serving our deployed troops, our veterans and the families on the home front.

The Blue Star Canteen is located on the beautiful grounds of the Canandaigua, New York Veterans Administration Hospital in an old white farmhouse they have rehabbed into their HQ.

The mission of this maternal organization is to meet the needs of our deployed soldiers with boxes full of a touch of home, cards and letters. If they get a special request from our troops, they attempt to fill it. New York # 1 is full of Mothers who are doing their best to make a difference while their child is deployed.

CSEA Next Wave was proud to be a collaborating partner with the Blue Star Mothers and looks forward to more projects in the future.


NextWaveLogoYoung union members are the future of CSEA. CSEA Next Wave is a community of members 35-and-under dedicated to empowering, activating, and developing leadership among the future generation of union leaders. We respond to issues that affect our members, take an active part in the labor community and ensure that every voice is heard.
Next Wave activists with CSEA President Danny Donohue during a Next Wave retreat held in Rensselaerville, NY.
Since 2008, an enthusiastic group of young CSEA members have been working alongside seasoned union members to develop this new generation of union activists. With support from CSEA President Danny Donohue,  Next Wave activists have worked at the grassroots level in the six CSEA regions and at statewide CSEA events to be a voice for young workers and grow young worker involvement in the labor movement.

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