Sunday, November 30, 2014

Elections Have Consequences

Elections Have Consequences
By Ove Overmyer
Rochester, NY-- Sources say the first order of business for Congress tomorrow is $450 billion corporate tax break for the world's largest corporations. The deal also kills several “good” tax breaks that help working people and the middle class-- like the expanded child tax credit for the working poor and expanded earned-income credit.
These "tax extender" handouts go to giant corporations and campaign donors-- and Republicans want to make them permanent. The Washington Post calls this process “a periodic bonanza for lobbyists.”
So I have to ask this question to my working class conservative friends: Was it worth supporting Republican and Conservative candidates? Didn't you know they were coming after you? They plan to make your financial well-being a political football for the next two years. When 82 families own half of the world's wealth, you know there will be needless suffering in this world-- and our local communities will pay the price. So their message to you is give up what you already have-- well, because they want more and think you deserve a crappier quality of life.
And to my independent minded, Democratic and liberal leaning friends, is it comforting to know by you NOT voting, you made all this possible? I thought we could get no worse with the 112th and 113th sessions. I thought we hit rock bottom. I was dead wrong. And because no one voted this past midterm election, the next two years in Congress will probably be the ugliest and most unproductive on record. Please don't turn a blind eye to this-- act up and fight back for working families all across the nation. Most of all, you better vote in 2016.
So, work harder everyone. Our corporate masters want more of your money. And please get out your veto pen Mr. President-- I hope you have a lot of ink to spare in the next two years.

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