Monday, June 4, 2012


Buffalo City Hall
Photo: Ove Overmyer

Buffalo, N.Y. -- Hundreds of CSEA activists were in Buffalo this past weekend for the union's annual Spring Workshop at the Buffalo Convention Center. In accordance with this year's workshop theme, Stand Up for Your Rights, programs centered on increasing members' leadership skills to allow them to make the union stronger and better equipped to fight back against ongoing attacks on workers.

Bess Watts, president of CSEA Local 828, said the weekend workshops were timely and necessary. She said, “Like never before, middle-class working families are getting attacked by corporate CEO’s, mainstream media and certain politicians. We need to find strategies and execute a game plan to protect our rights, and that’s exactly what we discussed at the Spring Workshop.”

CSEA also presented its annual Mission Achievement Awards. The 2012 recipients are Taconic DDSO Local President Deborah Downey, state division; Nassau County Municipal Employees Local City of Long Beach Unit President John Mooney, local government division; and Niagara Falls Head Start Local President Tina Thomasine, private sector division.

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