Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Los Angeles, CA—On Tuesday June 19, the second day of the AFSCME conference, Vice President Joe Biden strongly defended public workers and community services during his address to delegates, including a large CSEA contingent, during the 40th AFSCME Convention in Los Angeles.

Biden emphasized the importance of the work that CSEA and AFSCME members deliver every day. He also stressed the Obama administration's commitment to strengthening the middle class as the best way to improve the economy for all.

Also on Tuesday, MSNBC’s Ed Schultz took to the mike and reassured delegates that fighting for a strong middle class is the right thing to do. CSEA President Danny Donohue was nominated for AFSCME International President, and his running mate, Alice Goff, was nominated for AFSCME International Secretary-Treasurer. Also, CSEA Executive Vice President Mary Sullivan, Capital Region President Kathy Garrison and Long Island Region President Nick LaMorte were nominated as International Vice Presidents.

Local 828 President Bess Watts said, “Today was a very inspiring day— hearing speeches from the Dias right on down to the listening to other national delegate’s talk of the struggles and successes they face on the job was truly eye-popping.”

CSEA/AFSCME delegates rally on the convention floor in support of
Danny Donohue and Alice Goff. photo: Bess Watts

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