Saturday, June 16, 2012


Rep. Louise Slaughter
Rochester, N.Y. -- Financial reports of candidates is extremely important and often tells more stories than meet the eye. Take for example the race for Congress in NY25. Between April 1 and June 6, Democratic incumbent Louise Slaughter raised $242,396.35, while Maggie Brooks raised $185,652.72. Slaughter also has more cash on hand too: she has $688,558.16 to Brooks’ $367,582.72.

Mitt Romney and folks like Maggie Brooks have the same game plan in mind: hide their special interest radical agenda for long as possible and raise vast of sums of money from the rich people they're working to protect. Maggie's average individual contribution is $1,627.80. Her campaign contribution list reads like a "Who's Who" of top brass and nonunion county employees. Not many regular average folks on that list.

Conversely, the average donation to the Slaughter campaign is $85.86. Early on, it shows that there is a ground swell of interest to keep this district blue, but it will take the strength of our progressive people-powered grassroots organizations to get this done.

Slaughter’s donations come from people of all walks of life who want to see a fair and honest government that represents all of us. Unfortunately, Maggie is already caught up in accepting help from mega-rich right wing extremists and will no doubt be beholden to them. If you want a strong middle class, good paying jobs and big oil and rich folk to pay their fair share, then Louise needs you to join her campaign today. We mean right now.

Go to her website here to find out how you can help.

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