Friday, October 26, 2012


From the Louise Rapid Response Team:

Maggie Brooks Failed Record of "Bipartisanship"

Maggie Brooks claims she has presided over an era of bipartisanship in Monroe County and has run on the idea she could end partisan gridlock in Congress. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

x  Claim: Maggie Brooks has a record of bipartisanship
 Fact: Maggie Brooks has presided over a viciously partisan era in Monroe County.
 Fact: Monroe County government is riddled with partisan gridlock. Maggie has signed only 1 Democratic bill from the County Legislature over the past 4 years. Brooks and her Republican allies have blocked the other 69 bills. It is not uncommon for a Democrat to introduce a bill in the Legislature, see Brooks block it or refuse to collaborate, and then reintroduce the same bill as her own without any Democratic sponsors. That is not the spirit of cooperation or bipartisanship.
 Fact: Republicans have presided in the most hyper-partisan and least productive Congressional session since the 1960s. If elected, Maggie has promised to collaborate closely with the architects of gridlock, Eric Cantor and John Boehner. Neither of them would be traveling to Monroe County and raising money for Maggie if they didn’t know they would own Maggie’s vote in Congress.
Dirty Campaign Tricks

 Canvassers are identifying Louise supporters, checking them off a list, and then telling people they are all set and do not have to vote.

 Your support does not equal a vote unless you cast an official ballot or official absentee ballot on Election Day.
 GOP groups, masquerading as environmentalists, are calling voters lying about Louise’s record on hydrofracking.

To clarify, Louise does not support the expansion of fracking without a guarantee it would not affect the safety and quality of our drinking water. Nor does she support Monroe County accepting fracking wastewater, something Maggie Brooks has refused to rule out.

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