Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The results are in: MoveOn members in New York's 25th District voted overwhelmingly to endorse Louise Slaughter for the U.S. House. 
Louise Slaughter's record of fighting for the middle class is undeniable. She has been a champion for the working people of her district for many years. She also takes on the fights that no one else will. For example, she passed legislation to stop insider trading among members of Congress.
An enthusiastic 97% of MoveOn members voting in the 25th District supported Louise. Cat C. from Rochester says, "She's been a fighter for the rights of women, minorities, veterans, and others whose voices often get shouted down by those in power." Jan W. from Webster added, "She speaks for the 99%.  If she loses, we lose our voice."
When Louise heard about our endorsement, here is what she said: 
"I am so excited to have earned the endorsement of MoveOn.org and its 7 million members. Our campaign is powered by a strong, grassroots movement and I welcome the support of MoveOn's many members who recognize my reputation as a straight shooter and a tough fighter for the middle class."
Louise's opponent is a tea party favorite who has the backing of big money Super PACs and now the race is neck and neck. That's why Louise needs MoveOn members to join his campaign and win this race at the grassroots level. 
Join their office opening party and canvass this weekend at 10 a.m., Saturday, October 6,  at 1150 University Avenue, Building 5 in Suite 140 in Rochester, N.Y.

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