Thursday, August 2, 2012


Rochester, N.Y. -- Yesterday, House Republicans led by Speaker Boehner voted to cut taxes for the ultra-wealthy and increase taxes on 25 million working families instead. And, today, Congressional candidate Maggie Brooks announced that Speaker Boehner is heading to town to raise money for her campaign this Saturday.

It's clear whose side Maggie Brooks is on -- just like her friend Boehner -- she will always side with millionaires over the middle class.

In the 2009-2010 cycle, Boehner's PAC spent $4.5 million to help elect fellow Republicans and he is up to it again. Yet again, Boehner's trying to buy some more seats for his tea-party pals. Let's deliver a powerful message to Speaker Boehner and Maggie Brooks about people-powered politics in our very own backyard.

And, on the top of the ticket, our parent union has already enthusiastically endorsed Barack Obama for president. We will be sharing dozens of opportunities for members to get involved this election cycle. 

CSEA is out there fighting for working families’ right beside our President Obama and our Congresswoman Louise Slaughter. We are asking that you volunteer some time or money to make sure they remain our representatives on the federal level. Any other result would be catastrophic. For more info on CSEA Local 828 PAC, contact Ove at

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