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This Week In Albany
Week ending August 17, 2012

Romney Selects Ryan as VP Nominee

Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney selected Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential candidate.  This selection should signal to all Americans what a Romney administration would do to the middle-class.

As Chairman of the House Budget Committee, Paul Ryan proposed a budget that would reduce taxes on wealthiest Americans while making the middle-class shoulder a larger percentage of the nation’s taxes.  His proposal would eliminate guaranteed Medicare benefits for anyone under the age of 55 and would shift the system to a voucher program where seniors would be responsible for purchasing their own health insurance.  He has also strongly advocated for the privatization of the Social Security program.

Mitt Romney has all but said he agrees with the Ryan budget in full and we can be sure that if elected his administration would pursue similar policies.

Rumors of Super Control Board Swirl

A report out this week indicated that Governor Cuomo is reviewing legislative proposals for a “super control board” that could take over the finances of counties, cities, and towns that are on the verge of bankruptcy.  In addition to taking over finances, the control board would have the authority to break union contracts, a power CSEA strongly objects to.  

Legislation has not yet been introduced into the legislature yet and CSEA is closely monitoring this issue.

New York Submits Medicaid Waiver

New York State submitted a Medicaid waiver to the federal government to try to obtain $10 billion in federal money to invest in health care projects in the state that will help lower health care spending. CSEA is currently reviewing the waiver to determine what impact it may have on CSEA represented employees in the health care field. The waiver must be approved by the federal department of Health and Human Services prior to taking effect.  

Congressional Endorsements

CSEA has made endorsements in several Congressional elections.  CSEA is still in the process of making endorsements in Senate and Assembly races and will release them over the next few weeks.

US Senate – Kristen Gillibrand
CD 1 – Timothy Bishop (CSEA Priority Race)
CD 2 – No Endorsement
CD 3 – Steve Israel
CD 4- Carolyn McCarthy
CD 5 – Gregory Meeks
CD 6 – Grace Meng
CD 7 – Nydia Velazquez
CD 8 – Hakeem Jefferies
CD 9 – Yvette Clarke
CD 10 – Jerrold Nadler
CD 11 – No Endorsement
CD 12 – Carolyn Maloney
CD 13 – Charles Rangel
CD 14 – Joe Crowley
CD 15 – Jose Serrano
CD 16 – Eliot Engel
CD 17 – Nita Lowey
CD 18 – Sean Patrick Maloney (CSEA Priority Race)
CD 19 – Julian Schreibman (CSEA Priority Race)
CD 20 – Paul Tonko
CD 22 – No Endorsement
CD 23 – Nate Shinagawa
CD 24 – Dan Maffei (CSEA Priority Race) 
CD 25 – Louise Slaughter (CSEA Priority Race)
CD 26 – Brian Higgins
CD 27 – Kathy Hochul (CSEA Priority Race)

Not Registered to Vote?  Go Online!

State officials announced a new way to register to vote this week.  Instead of having to fill out a hardcopy form New Yorkers will be able to register electronically on the State DMV’s website.  In order to keep this process secure, the online registration option will only be available to New Yorkers who have already proven their identity to the DMV.

Less than 64% of New Yorkers are registered to vote, ranking the State 47th in the nation.  Over 80% of CSEA members are registered to vote, showing the electoral power that we could have in elections if we went to the polls with a unified voice.

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