Wednesday, August 29, 2012


A picture is worth a thousand words. Here is Maggie Brooks sitting next to David Koch (center) at the RNC, one of the billionaire Koch Brothers and architect of almost every negative and deceitful attack ad this political season.
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Monroe County, N.Y. -- Despite what she wants you to believe, Maggie Brooks has already demonstrated that she won't stand with seniors to protect Medicare. She won't stand with women to protect choice. She won't stand with middle-class families against her own Party's draconian budget cuts. 

But we do know this. Maggie Brooks is standing with billionaire oil moguls who are propping up the radical Tea Party movement and funding efforts to gut social safety net programs to fund tax cuts for the rich. That’s the truth—anyway you slice it.

If elected, Brooks will become a pawn in the GOP chess game. She will have marching orders from Speaker Boehner and the likes of the Koch Brothers, and will not have the ability to truly represent the honest interests of the NY 25 Congressional District.

We were asked by local media reporters to comment about Speaker Boehner's visit to Rochester when he stopped by at a Maggie fundraiser earlier this month. No media outlets had the courage to air or print our response. They basically gave us a blank stare when we dropped this observation. It went something like this:

John Boehner came to Rochester for two things. One, to tell Maggie Brooks if she gets elected, he owns her vote. Two, her number two job as a Congress person would be to raise as much money as you can for the GOP House. That's it. Boehner’s visit was never about raising money for her campaign or speaking directly to the folks who live in Monroe County-- it was about putting Maggie in her place and making sure she knew what was expected from her.

It is inconceivable to think that Maggie Brooks could go to Washington and represent the interests of working people here in Monroe County-- far from it. She has taken campaign contributions from the most extreme radical elements of the conservative right wing political machine. She has been incredibly vague about her policy positions too—explaining to anyone who will listen, “you know my record.” In fact, yes-- we do know you record, Maggie. It’s one that has afforded opportunities to those insulated from any financial harm and at the same time, has lowered the standard of living for everyone else here in Monroe County.

Truth be told, Maggie's hands are already bound-- she is totally in debt to these billionaire radical outliers and she has no other options but answer only to them-- she will never be able to vote on any bill that favors the greater good. If you think otherwise, you are living in a fantasy world.

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