Friday, September 16, 2011


Rochester, N.Y.--  Just recently, the five CSEA Locals in Monroe County have made their political endorsement recommendations to the WNY Region 6 Political Action Committee for consideration.  CSEA represents nearly 10,000 workers in the Monroe County area in a variety of public sector and private sector health care related disciplines. 

CSEA did not interview or endorse any races for Rochester City School District Commissioner of Schools, City Council or any other local office in any town or village in Monroe County.

With unanimous approval, these candidates will receive support for elected office for the 2011 election cycle:

Candidate and office
Sandra Frankel for Monroe County Executive                                      

Sandra Doorley for District Attorney                                         

Paula Randall, County Legislator- 12                                     

Sandra Oliver, County Legislator- 4                                       

Darren Miller, County Legislator- 18                                      

Moe Bickweat, County Legislator- 5                                        

Paul Haney, County Legislator- 23                                   

Josh Barouth, County Legislator- 24                                      

Vinnie Esposito, County Legislator- 16                                     
Dick Beebe, County Legislator- 6                                      

Saul Maneiro, County Legislator- 29                                      

Butch Fitzsimmons, County Legislator- 15                                      

Steve Eckel, County Legislator- 26 
Cindy KalehCounty Legislator- 28                                      

Ted O’Brien, County Legislator- 17                                    

Carrie Andrews, County Legislator- 21                                      

Willie Jo Lightfoot, County Legislator- 27     

PEOPLE is CSEA and AFSCME's political action program. The PEOPLE program protects and improves our jobs, benefits and pensions in Washington, Albany and in your community. Your support and participation in PEOPLE strengthens CSEA's clout in the workplace, in the legislature, in your community and in the labor movement.  Here are some of the details of exactly what this program does:                          

  • Protects the quality and access of health insurance for active and retired members (passed legislation that created a task force to recommend cost-effective strategies for protecting affordable health insurance coverage for retired public employees).

  • Stands up against hostile editorials, anti-labor organizations and holds politicians accountable for their decisions.

  • Fights against demands to give back contractual raises and reopen contracts.

  • Preserves essential services, protects jobs and fights layoffs.

  • Maintains a safe and healthy workplace and protects employees from unnecessary harm with the passage of the Workplace Violence Prevention Act.  

  • Passed cancer screening legislation.

  • Protects Social Security from privatization.

  • Go here for a printable version of the endorsed candidates list from the CSEA Political Action homepage.  For any questions and comments about CSEA's political action endorsement process, you can contact CSEA Monroe County Local 828's Political Action Committee Co-Chairs Cris Zaffuto and Ove Overmyer.

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