Friday, September 30, 2011


PEF Members Reject Contract, Governor Cuomo Issues Pink Slips

Governor Cuomo on Wednesday moved forward with plans to lay off 3,500 PEF-represented state workers after members rejected a contract proposal.

The layoffs won't affect CSEA-represented state Executive Branch employees who ratified a contract agreement in August that kept people working and protected their rights and benefits.

Stop the Increase for Retiree Health Insurance Costs

Beginning October 1, 2011 Governor Cuomo will begin charging state retirees an additional 2% of their health insurance premium. CSEA did not negotiate or approve this increase. Tell Governor Cuomo that you can’t afford to pay any more.

Please click here to tell the Governor that, instead of making retirees living on a fixed income pay more, he should ask MILLIONAIRES to pay their fair share.

Legislative Update

While the legislature is not currently in session, Governor Cuomo is still reviewing and acting on legislation that passed both legislative chambers during this past session.

The Governor vetoed CSEA supported legislation that would have required an annual report by the state regarding the number of temporary employees “hired” on a regular basis. He also vetoed legislation that would have allowed the spouses and dependents of public employees injured on the job to continue to receive health insurance at the same cost as when the employee was active.

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